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Convenience Packaging


Convenience Packaging

Great packaging: More Convenience and very smart

Packaging plays a vital role in product marketing, because it stimulates consumptive behavior. But it also has to protect the product from spoilage and manipulation.
New, smart packaging can do more: It increases shelf life or indicates inappropriate handling. Convenience packaging ensures easy opening and closing of packages. But no matter if smart or convenient: Many partners need to work hand in hand – from the machine manufacturer up to the retail store.


“You only need to pull the rope through the strap“– German comedian and singer Mike Krüger’s song from 1980 has long since turned into a classic. The topic is still current today. Our society keeps getting older. If nothing changes, there will be more and more consumers who complain about problems when opening bags and cans, blister packaging and boxes, bottles and beverage cartons. “Convenience packaging“ promises relief.
- Great packaging opens up and closes again in no time


Interview with Lothar Zapf, Managing Director of the ZLV e.V., Kempten, Germany

The Center for Food and Packaging Technology Association (Zentrum für Lebensmittel-und Verpackungstechnologie e.V.) is a joint initiative of politics, economy, science, research and education. The association based in Kempten sees itself as a center of expertise for the entire value-added chain for foods – packaging, packaging machine, distribution and retail all the way to recycling management. Founded in July 2009 as an initiative in Allgäu, Germany, by now the ZLV also has members from beyond this region.
Interview with Lothar Zapf, Managing Director of the ZLV e.V., Kempten, Germany - Expanding the network for convenience packaging


The latest packages are not only stronger but also require less material and permit efficient handling – integrated time-temperature indicators and microchips constantly indicate the product’s state of quality. Active systems are even capable of improving the quality of the contents during storage. For product manufacturers, smart packaging therefore ought to be a big talking point.
- Smart packages – with built-in freshness watchdogs